Plymouth does more than sell product. We offer other services to make our customers’ lives easier. Whether you need product frozen quickly, stored or moved, we can help.

Short Haul Freight

Plymouth can pick product up for you, store it, distribute it or flat out do it all for you.

  • Wide delivery range
  • Cross-dock pick up and delivery
  • Temperature controlled door-to-door service

Phone: 206-676-6366
Fax: 206-622-2625

Plymouth Moves

Plymouth serves these areas regularly, but will always work with our customer to deliver products where you need them. Just ask our sales department.

Phone: 206-622-2622
Fax: 206-622-2625

How to buy from Plymouth

Buying from Plymouth is easy. Contact our sales department and we’ll walk you through the steps, take your order and have your product on its way in no time.

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